Offering Internships

Reap the benefits of being part of our students' educational experiential learning.

Why would a hospitality employer be interested in sponsoring an SHRM intern for a semester?

Our students

  • have designated themselves as having direction and goals within the hospitality industry by declaring an HRM major
  • have acquired a foundation in hospitality industry theory
  • are committed and motivated to learn, ask questions, and gain practical work experience where they can apply their classroom learning.

Internships allow employers to

  • investigate whether a potential hiree is a “good fit” for your organization upon graduation
  • experience shorter post-hire curves for a new employee who has already worked where they know the culture and policies

Our reasons for requiring this experience before we send our graduates into the workforce

SHRM Internships are essential in developing a students’ professional and technical competence in preparation for leadership responsibility in hospitality-related enterprises. Students engage in a variety of training opportunities with professional supervisory and management exposure in the organization where they intern. Students experience intellectual growth as well as develop and improve communication skills, ethical awareness, and appreciation of values and diversity.

A few of our valued Internship partners

Requesting an Intern

What is Required?

Hear how important it is to the students

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