Julene Boger (Ms. Jo)


Julene Boger (Ms. Jo)

Ms. Boger’s career began with the School of Hotel Restaurant Management in 1994 as a Sous Chef at The Inn at NAU.  Having worked restaurants her entire life she soon learned how much she enjoyed “teaching” and working with students that had dreams of one day operating or owning their own properties.  Ms. Jo moved through the position of Sous Chef, became the Assistant Manager and on to becoming the General Manager of The Inn.  Ms. Jo’s experience/knowledge moved into the classroom as a Lecturer in 2008 when The Inn closed.  Although she have missed the “hands on” component of The Inn, she embraced mentoring the students as they focus on their futures.

The topics Ms. Jo teaches in the classroom are Facilities Management, (emphasis on the housekeeping and maintenance departments), Bar and Beverage Management and Front Office Management.  The latest addition to her list of classes are three that are her favorite: Introduction to Cheeses, Coffee Basics, and Introduction to Teas.  These three classes introduce the students to the meager beginnings of three cultural “foods” and help open their palettes to experiences they would not normally think of.  Ms. Jo shares her experiences from fact-finding trips to the coffee triangle in Colombia as well as the visits to small artisan dairies and cheese producers from our region as well as upstate New York.  She has successfully completed the first step to becoming a “Tea Master” by obtaining first level certification.

Ms. Jo recently became the Faculty advisor for The Cult Coffee Learning Café, located in the Eugene Hughes building of The School of Hotel Restaurant Management.  The café is staffed by a group of hospitality students who have entrepreneurial spirits and the willingness to volunteer their time to make the café successful.

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