Allen Z. Reich


Allen Z. Reich

Allen Z. Reich, Ph.D. is a professor at the School of Hotel & Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University. He holds a Management degree from Texas State University, a Masters in Hospitality Management from the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management at the University of Houston, and a Ph.D. in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Virginia Tech. Reich’s teaching history, which has centered around Hospitality Human Resource Management and Marketing, includes 18 years at NAU and five years at the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. During his private sector career, Reich owned, managed, cheffed, and consulted for restaurants and has experience in unit, multi-unit and corporate food-and-beverage operations. While responsible for Schlotzsky’s corporate owned restaurants, he was able to increase profit by 8 percent of sales. As VP of Operations for Purdy’s Hamburger Market & Bakery, he designed, drew the working drawings, built the restaurant, created all recipes and helped the first restaurant produce an annual profit that was more than double the total opening cost.

          There are few restaurant consultants in the country with Reich’s breadth of experience. His assignments have focused on solving operations, human resources, marketing and cost control problems and preparing employee, training and operations policies. Reich is a frequent expert witness on topics including restaurant operations, cost controls, feasibility, marketing, human resources, civil rights law, ADA, sanitation, and security. His work has led to successful results for every case that he has accepted. As the lead restaurant expert witness, he helped successfully settle the $1.6 billion Boston Market law suit for the investment firms of Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Banc. He has been recognized by the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education as its seventh most prolific author and has twice been ranked as one of the 100 most influential authors in hospitality journals (based on the number of his articles cited). He was the recipient of the 2015/16 President’s Award for Faculty-of-the-Year.

          Allen was president of the NAU Faculty Senate for two years (2011–13) and previously served as the Senate representative for the hotel and restaurant management school and Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice-President of the Faculty Senate. As faculty president he chaired the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and served as a member of the university President’s Cabinet, the Provost’s Academic Leadership Committee and the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee. During Allen’s tenure, he helped change the perception of the senate from being an ineffective body to one that was assertive in forwarding the mission of the university, students and faculty. For example, during his last year as faculty president, there were 18 major issues passed or accomplished, such as university wide learning outcomes, posting of program learning outcomes, a stronger assessment program and a shared governance document. For 2012 to 2013 he served as the chair of the Arizona Faculties Council (the faculty governing body for the state’s public universities) and sat on the Arizona Board of Regents as the faculty representative. As chair of the Arizona Faculties Council he negotiated a new relationship with the regents that included a series of meetings to discuss important issues.

          Allen has also held the positions of Secretary/Treasurer, Vice-president, and President of Rocky Mountain CHRIE (a seven-state regional organization of the Council of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Educators).  With over 50 different statewide, university and HRM committee assignments, he has a record of service matched by very few faculty.

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Restaurant Management: Theory and Practice (update of my first book; work in progress-nearly complete). Publisher to-be-determined. This textbook will be positioned as the most hands-on restaurant management text on the market. Included with chapters will be the various Excel forms (around 200) that restaurant managers use for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling restaurant functions.

Applied Human Resources Management. (2010). Kendall Hunt Publishers, Dubuque, Iowa.
My objective with this book is to offer hospitality HR students a less expensive textbook alternative and to do so in a way that increased the effectiveness of the instructor's efforts and the student's education. This was done primarily by focusing on principles, practices and application without excessive examples and the extra features normally included in many lengthy and expensive textbooks.

A Host of Opportunities: Introduction to Hospitality Management (2007). Prentice-Hall (contributing author—one chapter).

Positioning for Tourism Destinations (1999). Sagamore Publishing, Champaign, Illinois. Part of a series of books on the latest trends in tourism research and applications. The editors are Drs. Mussafer Uysal, Dan Fessenmaier, and Joseph O’Leary.

Marketing Management for the Hospitality Industry: A Strategic Approach (1997). John Wiley. This is the first advanced marketing textbook for the hospitality industry. This textbook was translated into Chinese in 1999 and is published by the Hwa- Tai Publishing company in Taiwan.

The Restaurant Operator's Manual (1990). A combination management theory and "how to" book, detailing the proper methods of opening and operating a restaurant. Van Nostrand Reinhold. This is the most comprehensive book written on the restaurant operations (from concept development and design to all major aspects of operations). The book has sold out and is serving as the basis for the restaurant management textbook that I am working on.


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